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1/2" x 1/2" HAND VALVE

Mfr. Part#: F50S/HP/PM/NA


The 'F' Type Heavy Duty Single Isolating Firesafe Needle Valves are designed for safe and reliable isolation, giving bubble tight shut off, non-rotating & anti-galling tip and dynamic self-adjusting spindle seal to give a long service life in a variety of applications, and can operate at pressures upto 15,000psi and temperatures upto 540 deg C (at reduced pressure).

Standard Specification
Pressure: 10000psi Packing: PTFE Handle: T-Bar
Bore: 0.21" (5.4mm) Temp: 240 deg C Thread form: NPT
Seat: Metal to Metal CV: 0.46

Key Features
Non rotating tip - self centering & anti-galling
Piston ring - gives dynamic adjustment of gland seal in response to pressure change
Anti-blowout spindle - a major safety feature
Secure seal - precision machined to give a leak free opertion for the life of the valve. Available in either PTFE or Grafoil

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