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AWC is proud to announce the release of INSIGHT. AWC customers using INSIGHT will benefit from a real-time view into AWC operations, accessing quick updates on the assembly or repair status of Pressure Relief Valves, Automated On-Off and Control Valves.

The functionality of INSIGHT is based upon guidance received from Gulf Coast process maintenance, engineering and procurement personnel who are experienced in managing shutdown/turnaround activity, ensuring spares/operational readiness, evaluating asset performance, and routinely require access to both current and historical documentation on critical equipment.

Customers can request login access via the AWC website at INSIGHT.awc-inc.com

INSIGHT has an intuitive interface but a user’s guide is available once the user is logged onto the system. In addition, AWC website chat support is also available and AWC chat team members have been trained for INSIGHT support. AWC team members are also available by appointment for a demonstration on INSIGHT functionality and user support.



While vendor or customer supplied electronic data can be uploaded into INSIGHT using an import tool, INSIGHT primarily captures data during AWC business and shop processes. For example, new Pressure Relief Valves are sized and selected by AWC personnel using the Farris-supplied Sizemaster program. Results from the Sizemaster tool (shown left) are then exported for order entry and captured in INSIGHT .

During valve repair processes, technicians capture as-found, as-left information, photos and repair details before the valve is inspected for quality and shipped. Our AWC technicians follow a standardized work process where the data is captured and immediately available in INSIGHT.

Asset Types

Assembly and repair information is collected during in-house AWC assembly, test, survey or repair processes allowing INSIGHT to provide greater detail on Pressure Relief Valves, Tank Vents, Control Valves, Automated Valves, and Motor Operated Valves.

Control Valve Specification, Assembly Quality documentation and Benchmark™ control performance diagnostic reports can be accessed via INSIGHT for AWC provided control valves.

While the data collection is currently limited, field instrumentation asset data can also be made available in INSIGHT.

Other INSIGHT Enhancements

AWC customers utilizing INSIGHT have appreciated the multiple asset view and multiple-attribute filtering when evaluating spares crossover, spares coverage and optimal asset life cycle.

AWC does not charge a fee for INSIGHT access.

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