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STF828 FLANGE LRL -400" URL 400" H2O TR

Mfr. Part#: STF828-E1HN4A-11F-A-AH0-11S-A-01A0-F3-0000


Your Configuration:
Key Number: STF828
[E] Process Head and Diaphragm Mat: FL 316/V 316/B 316/D 316/E NA
[1] Fill Fluid: Silicone Oil 200
[H] Process Connection: Ref Hd 1/2inNPT AD/Flg HP Side
[N] Bolts for Process Heads: A286 SS (NACE) Bolts
[4] Vent Drain Type; Location: Dual End;Std;End;Match Hd Mat1
[A] Gasket Material: Teflon or PTFE; Glass Filled
[1] Flange: 3in ANSI C 150/FM CSt/TNRM CSt
[1] Gasket Ring; wetted: Flush Design; 316LSS
[F] Extension; wetted: Flush
[A] Approvals: FM Exproof/IS/NI/Dustproof
[A] Elec Housing Mat Conn Type: Alum;1/2 NPT; LP None
[H] Output Protocol: Output 4-20mAdc with HART
[0] Customer Interface Selections: Indicator; None
[1] Application Software: Standard Diagnostics
[1] O/P LMT Fail and Protect Sett: WP: Disabled; Fail:High
[S] General Configuration: Factory Standard
[A] Accuracy and Calibration: Std; Factory Std; Sigl Calib
[0] Mounting Bracket: Bkt Type; None; Mat; None
[1] Customer Tag: One Wired Stainless Steel Tag
[A0] Unassembled Conduit Adapters: No Conduit Plug or Adpt Reqd
[F3] Certifications and Warranty: Certificate of Conform F3391
[0000] Manufacturing Specials: Factory Identification
[N] Special Options?: No
Full Model Number:


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Range:   -400 to 400 "H2O
Span:   4 to 400 "H2O
Accuracy:   .0375 %
Head Material:   FL 316 / V 316 / E NA
Diaphragm Material:   B 316 / D 316
Communication Protocol:   HART
Fill Fluid:   Silicone Oil 200
Process Connection:   Ref Hd 1/2inNPT AD/Flg HP Side
Nut/Bolt Material:   A286 SS (NACE) Bolts
Vent Drain Type Location:   Dual End; Std; End
Output Meter:   none
Local Zero And Span:   no
Lightning Protection:   none
Mounting Bracket:   none
Certification:   Certificate of Conform F3391