Safe-on-Site Certification​

Delivering on our Winning Together mission to make the greatest positive impact for the communities and families we serve starts with putting safety 1st.​

​Our Safe-on-Site certification process is designed to ensure our teams have the knowledge needed to keep themselves, their teammates, families and customers safe.

Infection Protection is a critical element to our Safety 1st pledge.

AWC Safe-on-Site Certification Courses​

Process Safety

(1hr 15min) This course provides information regarding the OSHA PSM Standard (CFR 1910.119). Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of our Company responsibility for PSM as well as the expectations and requirements that apply to clients and customers.

Incident Reporting 2020 Edition

(20min) This course details the latest Company incident reporting procedures. Upon completion, you will be able to properly report and respond to workplace incidents.

Fall Protection

(15min) This course explains the OSHA requirements concerning fall protection (CFR 1910.29). Upon completion, you will have working knowledge of the fall protection requirements that may impact your job while at a Company or Client site.

Confined Space

(30min) This course provides an awareness level of knowledge conerning OSHA’s Confined Space Standard (CFR 1910.146). Company employees are not allowed to enter confined spaces without prior HSE approval. This course is designed to give employees an awareness level of training so that they understand permit-required confined spaces.

Control of Hazardous Energy: LOTO

(1hr 15min) This course explains the OSHA requirements concerning the control of hazardous energy, including lockout/tagout (CFR 1910.147). Upon completion you should have a full understanding of when LOTO is required and how it is performed.

Job Safety Analysis

(45min) This course is designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and control hazards in the workplace. Upon completion you will have a full understanding of how to complete a JSA as well as understand hazard mitigation theory.

(30min) This course provides information on the universally accepted infection precautions that can help prevent the spread of communicable diseases and viruses, including COVID-19. Upon completion you will have an understanding of how to put these precautions into practice.

Critical Infrastructure - Control Systems Support

Our Sales and Technical Support teams, Distribution Centers, Shops, and Field Service teams are fully functioning following all recommended daily screening, masking, hygiene, and social distancing protocols.

Click below for details on our control system specialist resources and tools available to support you and your team.

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